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SVF Fencers on the European Cadet Circuit

SVF fencers Jeffrey Chen and Taylor Chin competed in the season's first designated event on the European Cadet Circuit, in Budapest, Hungary!

In the men's foil event, Jeffrey finished 52nd out of 196 fencers. After winning four of his six pool bouts and seeding 65th, Jeffrey won his first direct elimination bout before bowing out to top-seeded fellow American Axel Kiefer (Lexington, KY).

Taylor placed 47th out of 131 women's foilists, likewise winning four of her six pool bouts. Taylor won her first DE before losing a close bout in the round of 64 to American Bryce Koester (Dallas, TX).

Well done to Taylor and Jeffrey, and welcome home.

Good Luck to our Travelling Cadets!

Good luck and safe travels to our international cadets, Taylor Chin and Jeffrey Chen, as they travel to Budapest, Hungary for their designated Cadet competition! Go get 'em, guys.

Northern California RYC results

Full results have been posted on AskFRED for the Northern California RYC! You can find them here.

Lots of medalists and top-eight finishes for SVF's boys and girls. Great job to all of the kids! See also the updated picture, where eventually we got everyone to smile.

Y14MF (32 fencers):
2. Geoffrey Tourette - Silver
3. Michael Li - Bronze
15. Sergio Valente
20. Trevor Filseth
30. Nihar Mitra

Y14WF (11 fencers):
8. Andrea Daniel

Y12MF (25 fencers):
7. Ashton Daniel
9. Nihar Mitra
13. Cole Johnson
14. Andrew Tran
16. Gabriel Li
21. Ethan Knight

Y12WF (12 fencers):
11. Paloma Mitra

Y10MF (15 fencers):
2. Ashton Daniel - Silver
3. Cole Johnson - Bronze
5. Gabriel Li
7. Ethan Knight

Y10WF (9 fencers):
3. Paloma Mitra - Bronze

NAC B Entry Deadline

The regular-fee entry deadline for NAC B in Austin, Texas is today, September 26! Be sure to complete your entry by midnight tonight if you plan on fencing in the Y14, Cadet, or Junior national events in November (11/11/11).

SVF at the Northern California RYC

Results from this weekend's NorCal RYC are soon to come! In the meantime, here's a group shot of the whole gang of SVF foilists (and Aleksei) with their medals at the end of Day 1.

More Bay Cup Results Photos

Ashton and Gabriel with their medals!

SVF's Weekend Bay Cup Results

A busy weekend for SVF fencers in the local Bay Cup circuit competitions, with a total of five medals! Geoffrey Tourette and Michael Li took silver and gold in the boys' Y12 events in Mountain View, while Ashton Daniel and Gabriel Li won silver and brozne in the boys' Y10 event. In Concord, Taylor Chin won bronze in the senior women's foil. Congratulations, everybody! Great job to all of our fencers who competed this weekend.

Y12 Boys' Foil #1 (30 fencers):
1. Geoffrey Tourette - Gold
2. Michael Li - Silver
10. Ashton Daniel
12. Drew Wadsworth
13. Andrew Tran
20. Eric Wei
21. Cole Johnson
25. Gabriel Li
30. Ethan Knight

Y10 Boys' Foil #1 (14 fencers):
2. Ashton Daniel - Silver
3T. Gabriel Li - Bronze
7. Cole Johnson
8. Ethan Knight

Senior Women's Foil #1 (19 fencers):
3T. Taylor Chin - Bronze

SVF Medals At Our First Home Competition!

SVF hosted its first competition this weekend, and Paloma Mitra and Andrea Daniel did a great job of representing our home club! Andrea was SVF's lone representative in the girls' Y14 event and finished 6th. Paloma was likewise SVF's lone representative in both the Y10 and Y12 events, winning gold in Y10, and silver in Y12!

Thanks to Aleksei and Yuliya for a smoothly-run tournament, and to SVF fencer Taylor Chin for stepping up to referee for her home club. And congratulations, Paloma! Great job to you and Andrea both.

Bay Cup Y10 Girls' Foil (10 fencers):
1. Paloma Mitra (gold)

Bay Cup Y12 Girls' Foil (5 fencers):
2. Paloma Mitra (silver)

Bay Cup Y14 Girls' Foil (7 fencers):
6. Andrea Daniel

SVF's Labor Day Road Trip

SVF fencers, from the youth to senior level, competed around the US on Labor Day weekend and brought home three medals!

At the Badawi Challenge SYC in Plano, Texas, Geoffrey Tourette and Blake Brozsus fenced in the Y12 and Y14 boys' foil events. Geoffrey won the Y12 event and earned a silver in Y14! Blake achieved a top-32 finish in Y12, winning his first DE before bowing out to the eventual bronze medalist. Congratulations, Geoffrey, and nice job to both our boys!

In Los Angeles, five SVF fencers made the trip to the LAIFC Labor Day Invitational competition. Jeffrey Chen led SVF's results with a bronze medal finish in the Senior Mixed Foil, featuring successive overtime victories in the L16 and quarterfinals. Congratulations, Jeffrey! Three other SVF fencers finished in the L16. Overall, the results were marred by a bit of bad luck with four SVF fencers meeting in the early rounds (Desai/Madan in the L32, and Schwiebert/Chen in the L16).

Full Results:

Badawi Challenge SYC Y12MF (53 fencers):

1. Geoffrey Tourette - Gold
29. Blake Broszus

Badawi Challenge SYC Y14MF (59 fencers):

2. Geoffrey Tourette - Silver
37. Blake Broszus

LAIFC Invitational Senior Mixed Foil (36 fencers):
3T. Jeffrey Chen- Bronze
9. Michael Schwiebert
13. Devin Donnelly
16. Nalin Desai
17. Isaac Madan

The Bay Cup Season is Underway!

SVF fencers Henry Walter and Rafael Vinluan helped kick off the Bay Cup season last weekend at the Junior Men's Foil event in San Francisco!

Henry Walter - 5th
Rafael Vinluan - 11th

Nice job, boys, and here's a fun and successful Bay Cup season!


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