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SVF at the LA SYC

Well done to all of our boys and girls who fenced in the LA SYC in Pasadena, California this past weekend!

Congratulations to our top-8 medalists: Ashton Daniel (3rd, Y10), Cole Johnson (6th, Y10), Gabriel Li (7th, Y10), Bella Kang (3rd, Y12 and 6th, Y14), and Sidarth Kumbla (5th, Y14).

LA SYC Pasadena, CA

Y10 Boys' Foil (44 fencers):
3. Ashton Daniel - Bronze
6. Cole Johnson
7. Gabriel Li
14. Brian Park
20. Ethan Knight

Y12 Boys' Foil (68 fencers):
23. Drew Wadsworth
28. Gabriel Li
33. Ashton Daniel
34. Cole Johnson
35. Ethan Knight
55. Brian Park

Y12 Girls' Foil (31 fencers):
3. Bella Kang - Bronze

Y14 Boys' Foil (64 fencers):
5. Sidarth Kumbla
10. Michael Li
19. Rafael Vinluan
29. Drew Wadsworth
33. Ashton Daniel

Y14 Girls' Foil (36 fencers):
6. Bella Kang
19. Hajin Kim
22. Andrea Daniel

German-American Summer Camp

This July, SVF welcomes some special guests from Germany's junior national foil team for a summer training camp! German foilists Mark Perelman (#1 ranked German junior) and Georg Doerr (#3 ranked German junior), along with coach Alexander Perelman, will join us from July 23-27 for an all-day training camp.

Registration is limited to the first 20 fencers (age 12 or older, exceptions made at Coach Aleksei's discretion). You must register on or before June 1st!

For more information, see the Camp Flyer (PDF) or the clinic link on AskFRED.

Santa Rosa Y14 Bay Cup Results

Congratulations to Geoffrey Tourette, Michael Li, and Sidarth Kumbla for their 1-2-3 finish in this Sunday's Y14 Boys' Foil Bay Cup in Santa Rosa! Andrea Daniel also won a bronze in the girls' Y14 and gold in the (admittedly small) Junior WF. Great job, kids!

Full results on AskFRED.

Virginia Beach Youth NAC Results

SVF fencers made some great results at the Youth NAC in Virginia Beach, VA!

Geoffrey Tourette had a great weekend, placing first in Y12 Boys' Foil and third in Y14. Michael Li also found the podium in Y12, placing seventh after unfortunately meeting Geoffrey in the quarterfinals.

On the girls' side, Bella Kang had a podium finish in Y14 Girls' Foil, good for seventh place and a C rating.

Congratulations to our medalists and great job to all of our boys and girls who made the trip! Full results at US Fencing Results.

New Jersey SYC Results

Congratulations to SVF's Michael Li! Michael took the silver medal in Y14 Boys' Foil at the Cobra SYC in New Jersey, out of 116 competitors. He also earned a B2012 rating. Great job, Michael!

Results are on AskFred.

NorCal RYC #2 Results

Michael almost smiled for this one.

SVF fencers did very well at Northern California's second Regional Youth Circuit competition this past weekend in San Francisco! Our foilists took medals and top-8 placings in every age category, and we're proud of all 27 individual entries across six events!

Full results on AskFred.

Y10 Boys' Foil (39 fencers)
3T. Ashton Daniel - Bronze
6. Ethan Knight
7. Brian Park
8. Gabriel Li
14. Cole Johnson
20. Daniel Ong
29. Derek Shay

Y10 Girls' Foil (19 fencers)
1. Paloma Mitra - Gold

Y12 Boys' Foil (49 fencers)
3T. Blake Broszus - Bronze
3T. Drew Wadsworth - Bronze
7. Andrew Tran
13. Nihar Mitra
15. Ashton Daniel
16. Gabriel Li
17. Eric Wei
20. Brian Park
24. Ethan Knight
25. Cole Johnson
46T. Lukas Kunjan
46T. Daniel Ong

Y12 Girls' Foil (35 fencers)
1. Bella Kang - Gold
11. Paloma Mitra

Y14 Boys' Foil (36 fencers)
1. Geoffrey Tourette - Gold
3T. Michael Li - Bronze
6. Trevor Filseth
11. Drew Wadsworth
15. Ashton Daniel
17. Nihar Mitra

Y14 Girls' Foil (13 fencers)
3T. Bella Kang - Bronze
7. Andrea Daniel

SVF at the Central CA Qualifiers

Nine Silicon Valley fencers qualified for the Division 2/Division 3 foil events at Summer Nationals in Anaheim! SVF fencers also took home five medals at the Central California qualifying competition this Sunday at Stanford. Congratulations to Isabel Wei, Olivia Xu, Hajin Kim, Thomas Chen, Rafael Vinluan, Sergio Valente, Aaron Ong, and Marco Valente.

Senior Women's Foil (19 fencers):
2. Isabel Wei - Silver, Qualified D2/D3
3T. Olivia Xu - Bronze, Qualified D2/D3
5. Hajin Kim - Qualified D2/D3

Senior Men's Foil (28 fencers):
2. Devin Donnelly - Silver, Qualified D2
3T. Thomas Chen - Bronze, Qualified D2
3T. Rafael Vinluan - Bronze, Qualified D2
8. Sergio Valente - Qualified D3
10. Aaron Ong - Qualified D3
13. Marco Valente, Qualified D3
16. Jonathan Hong
22. Justin Li
24. Darius Goh

SVF Weekend Bay Cup Results

Congratulations to Paloma Mitra, Andrea Daniel, Aaron Ong, and Michael Schwiebert! In this weekend's Bay Cup competitions, Paloma won gold in Y10 girls' foil and bronze in Y12, Andrea won bronze in Y14 girls' foil, Aaron won bronze in the E-and-Lower men's foil, and Michael won silver in the Senior D-and-Higher mixed foil. Aaron also updated his rating to E2012.

Partial results are on AskFRED here.

SVF March Youth Bay Cup Results

On Sunday at Peninsula Fencing Academy, the Bay Cup circuit had one of its largest youth foil competitions in recent years, and SVF's Y10 and Y12-age boys had a great showing!

In the 48-strong Y12 Boys' Foil, Geoffrey Tourette claimed the gold medal and Michael Li won bronze (after the two met in the semi-finals). Blake Brozsus also made a solid finish in the top-8, while Gabriel Li and Drew Wadsworth finished in the top-16. In other news, Michael still has yet to learn to smile for medal photos.

In the 33-fencer Y10 Boys' Foil, Ashton Daniel took the silver medal and Ethan Knight earned bronze. Cole Johnson also finished in the top-8.

Full results on FRED here.

Well done to all of our boys!

SVF at the Junior Olympics

SVF fencers competed this past weekend in Salt Lake City for the Junior Olympics, and had several great results!

Jeffrey Chen overcame a pulled muscle to take home the silver medal in Cadet Men's Foil, in a day that included three overtime victories. Congratulations, Jeffrey! Great job. Taylor Chin also made a strong finish in Junior Women's Foil, making the round of 16 to finish 14th. Henry Walter also had a great result, earning Junior national points for the first time by finishing in the top-32 (27th) in Junior Men's Foil. SVF alum and Ohio State University fencer Robbie Moore (23rd) also finished in the top-32.

You can find full results at

Full SVF results:

Cadet Men's Foil: (184 fencers)
2. Jeffrey Chen - Silver, A2012 rating
40. Geoffrey Tourette
46. Michael Li
62. Sidarth Kumbla
91. Henry Walter
95. Rafael Vinluan

Cadet Women's Foil: (154 fencers)
18. Taylor Chin
59. Olivia Xu
80. Isabel Wei

Junior Men's Foil: (171 fencers)
23. Robbie Moore
27. Henry Walter
45. Jeffrey Chen
78. Michael Schwiebert

Junior Women's Foil (140 fencers)
14. Taylor Chin
87. Isabel Wei


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