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Full Results from December SYC

Results from the SYC in Chandler, AZ can now be found here:

Congratulations to our medalists: Michael Li (1st, Y12), Gabriel Li (3rd, Y10), Ashton Daniel (5th, Y10), Sidarth Kumbla (7th, Y14), and Paloma Mitra (7th, Y10)!

Y10 Boys' Foil: (24 fencers)
3. Gabriel Li - Bronze
5. Ashton Daniel
10. Ethan Knight
14. Cole Johnson

Y12 Boys' Foil: (51 fencers)
1. Michael Li - Gold
12. Blake Broszus
17. Ashton Daniel
19. Nihar Mitra
31. Gabriel Li
40. Cole Johnson

Y14 Boys' Foil: (49 fencers)
7. Sidarth Kumbla
12. Michael Li
21. Blake Brozsus
24. Sergio Valente
33. Nihar Mitra

Y10 Girls' Foil: (22 fencers)
7. Paloma Mitra

Y12 Girls' Foil: (30 fencers)
17. Paloma Mitra

Y14 Girls' Foil: (31 fencers)
23. Andrea Daniel

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