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Northern California RYC results

Full results have been posted on AskFRED for the Northern California RYC! You can find them here.

Lots of medalists and top-eight finishes for SVF's boys and girls. Great job to all of the kids! See also the updated picture, where eventually we got everyone to smile.

Y14MF (32 fencers):
2. Geoffrey Tourette - Silver
3. Michael Li - Bronze
15. Sergio Valente
20. Trevor Filseth
30. Nihar Mitra

Y14WF (11 fencers):
8. Andrea Daniel

Y12MF (25 fencers):
7. Ashton Daniel
9. Nihar Mitra
13. Cole Johnson
14. Andrew Tran
16. Gabriel Li
21. Ethan Knight

Y12WF (12 fencers):
11. Paloma Mitra

Y10MF (15 fencers):
2. Ashton Daniel - Silver
3. Cole Johnson - Bronze
5. Gabriel Li
7. Ethan Knight

Y10WF (9 fencers):
3. Paloma Mitra - Bronze

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