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SVF Medals At Our First Home Competition!

SVF hosted its first competition this weekend, and Paloma Mitra and Andrea Daniel did a great job of representing our home club! Andrea was SVF's lone representative in the girls' Y14 event and finished 6th. Paloma was likewise SVF's lone representative in both the Y10 and Y12 events, winning gold in Y10, and silver in Y12!

Thanks to Aleksei and Yuliya for a smoothly-run tournament, and to SVF fencer Taylor Chin for stepping up to referee for her home club. And congratulations, Paloma! Great job to you and Andrea both.

Bay Cup Y10 Girls' Foil (10 fencers):
1. Paloma Mitra (gold)

Bay Cup Y12 Girls' Foil (5 fencers):
2. Paloma Mitra (silver)

Bay Cup Y14 Girls' Foil (7 fencers):
6. Andrea Daniel

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