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SVF's Weekend Bay Cup Results

A busy weekend for SVF fencers in the local Bay Cup circuit competitions, with a total of five medals! Geoffrey Tourette and Michael Li took silver and gold in the boys' Y12 events in Mountain View, while Ashton Daniel and Gabriel Li won silver and brozne in the boys' Y10 event. In Concord, Taylor Chin won bronze in the senior women's foil. Congratulations, everybody! Great job to all of our fencers who competed this weekend.

Y12 Boys' Foil #1 (30 fencers):
1. Geoffrey Tourette - Gold
2. Michael Li - Silver
10. Ashton Daniel
12. Drew Wadsworth
13. Andrew Tran
20. Eric Wei
21. Cole Johnson
25. Gabriel Li
30. Ethan Knight

Y10 Boys' Foil #1 (14 fencers):
2. Ashton Daniel - Silver
3T. Gabriel Li - Bronze
7. Cole Johnson
8. Ethan Knight

Senior Women's Foil #1 (19 fencers):
3T. Taylor Chin - Bronze

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