Silicon Valley Fencing Center

Beginner Summer Camps start on Monday, June 8th!

We are excited to announce that our in-person Beginner Summer Camps are starting next week on Monday, June 8th!
Click here for more information and to register:

We have established the following rules and procedures to follow by all our staff and participants:

No handshakes or physical contact between camp/class participants or coaches;
No shared equipment can be used; every participant will be assigned his/her own equipment to use during camp/class to avoid sharing;
All participants, including staff, must sanitize/wash hands before class, during breaks, and after class/camp;
No shared objects during warm-ups or classes – including balls, relay batons, etc.. All games that use shared equipment will be canceled;
Although water fountain is available, all participants are required to bring their own water bottle in order to limit contact with the water fountain;
Anyone showing any signs of sickness will be immediately sent home.

Also, every day we spend more a significant effort in each location thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing every contact surface – from doorknobs, restrooms, tables, and other areas.

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Silicon Valley Fencing Center Summer Camps
Silicon Valley Fencing Center Summer Camps